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How to give CBD to pets?

08 Dec How to give CBD to pets?

More and more pet owners around the world are opting for CBD to help their pets deal with anxiety, infections, chronic pain, joint inflammation, allergies, skin issues, and wounds. There are several ways how you can include CBD to your pet’s diet:

  • A CBD-infused treat. Buy CBD oil, measure the correct dosage, and apply it to the dog treat. You can use a dropper to make the process simpler. Give the oil some time to soak in. Another way is to buy CBD gummies or chews, which already have a proper CBD dosage.
  • Direct oral application. You can also apply CBD oil to your dog’s mouth directly. To determine the optimal dosage, you have to know your dog’s weight, the number of milligrams in the dosage, and the concentration of CBD active components in the product. Multiply the pet’s weight in kg by your product dosage amount, take the pack and find out the concentration. Finally, divide your product dosage amount by the number of the concentration amount. 
  • Mix with pet food. We recommend mixing dog CBD with wet food. Start off with small doses and increase the dosage if you see no result.