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How to dress to impress at the casino

02 Mar How to dress to impress at the casino

If you’ve gained the majority of your casino knowledge from films and television, then your first thought in regards to dress code is most likely going to be leaning more towards the suave and sophisticated route, which is not always the case on the modern casino scene. This notion of the casino being for the suited and booted, snappy dresser may be a thing of the past, but it’s worth noting that the past is exactly where this idea originated from!

Read on to learn more, as we talk you through the casino style trends and how they’ve transformed into what we recognise today.

Brief Backstory

At the beginning of their popularity, casinos were mostly associated with the rich and upper classes. Because of this, it was a common place to display your already-established wealth and riches by dressing in a certain, suave type of way. With so many people conforming to this idea, wearing your best clothes soon became a requirement when visiting the casino. 

Whilst admittedly these rules have greatly relaxed over the years, and class is no longer a main factor, you’ll still find that there’s a certain expectation for dressing smartly when you come to a brick-and-mortar casino – with some even refusing you entry if your outfit isn’t quite up to standard!

But why?

As we touched on above, the dress code was linked closely to showcasing wealth and social position. Alongside this, there was also the idea of maintaining a stylish ambiance across all casino gaming environments – however this has since become relaxed. These dress codes often become more likely to be actively enforced in the evenings, when brick-and-mortar locations become busier and the real nightlife begins. 

A big driving force in curating this dress code expectation was the 1960s music scene. Suave singers such as Sammy David Junior and Frank Sinatra would frequently visit and perform on the Las Vegas Strip, always decked out in sharp suits and a slick attitude. Many casino fans went on to emulate these musical idols, leading to a new wave of snappy dressers populating the casino scene, finding themselves almost treating the destination as more of a social experience, than purely for gaming. 

Know your codes

  • Black Tie

This is the most formal option when it comes to dressing for the casino – with this style dating back to the 19h century. Black tie usually involves a tuxedo, and is widely considered to be a staple style for events starting from 6pm onwards. 

The tuxedo is usually considered to be reserved for male visitors, whilst female black tie takes the form of either a cocktail dress, ballgown or fitted suit.

You should expect to adhere to the rules of black tie fashion if you’re visiting the Casino Monte-Carlo, or VIP events in places in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. 

  • Semi-formal

This is the most common dress code that you’ll encounter, at a whole host of different events, including the casino. This requires smart-casual clothing, including suits, tailored clothing and dress shirts. If you’re unsure of what dress code is required before visiting a casino, semi-formal is most likely the best way to go! 

  • Casual

Casual at the casino simply means that you can wear your day-to-day clothing, without donning anything too special. If you’re exploring the more tourist-centric parts of the Strip, or visiting your local Bingo Hall, then casual is a completely acceptable option – comfy too!

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