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How Fibre-to-the-Premises Could Change Lives in Essex

27 Oct How Fibre-to-the-Premises Could Change Lives in Essex

County Broadband, an Essex-based ISP, has updated its plans that will see 5G technology rolled out across the East of England. As well as Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, folks in rural parts of Essex are expected to benefit from the £46 million investment that aims to connect twenty-thousand properties before the end of 2020. A digital postcode lottery controversy has already highlighted how many residents have to put up with outdated infrastructure, so the updates concerning CB’s ‘Fibre-to-the-Premises’ strategy will come as welcome news. But locals have more to be excited about than the fact that video-calling software and service disruption will be features of the past.

Improved Healthcare  

The world of healthcare is changing, and the future for all UK residents will be digital appointments that are scheduled and run online. The NHS already has an application that aims to make access to a range of NHS services simpler and more secure as the information will be downloadable at the click of a button on a smartphone or tablet. Plus, this source details how connectivity issues are already impacting East Anglian residents since there are not enough stroke consultants on duty. Thankfully, digital links can bridge the gap by forwarding patients to either work-from-home or retired doctors who can give vital advice. Of course, this requires a powerful and reliable internet connection as the service isn’t possible without it, and with 5G not available for everyone across rural Essex, the Fibre-to-the-Premises promise could be the vehicle that enhances healthcare solutions throughout the east of England.

Easier access to entertainment

Living in a rural area provides the benefit of having the Great Outdoors on your doorstep, but sometimes people do just want to chill out at home and play their favourite game. In 2018, an Independent post highlighted how 55% of gamers found games helped them unwind, and 47% of users experienced a positive impact in the real world as a result of performance. 60% said gaming is key to their social lives. As this website points out, the prevalence of mobile gaming is becoming greater as more people use phones and tablets to connect to the internet because platforms are mobile-optimised. That goes for slot games like Starburst as much as popular videogames like Fortnite. However, last year, 57% of villagers in small towns in Essex suffered from connection problems. With hyperfast full-fibre networks due to hit the region before 2021, Essex residents will finally be able to access the tools that so many people in the UK already use to switch off.

A Bigger Economy

The relationship between business and the internet isn’t in doubt, which is why the current state of the infrastructure in Essex is damaging. Without a high-speed connection, companies will avoid the area and move to better-equipped areas, taking their jobs and money with them. However, the light at the end of the tunnel for Essex’s economy is the hyperfast gigabit-capable network that provides speeds ten times quicker than the UK average. As the digital infrastructure gets in line with the rest of the country and exceeds it, more firms will be encouraged to use Essex and East Anglia as a base for their operations.

Fibre-to-the-Premises is only a good thing for Essex since it has the potential to boost the local economy, improve healthcare for residents, and help relieve stress.