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HOLLY RICKWOOD on CBB: “My favourite to win is Kirsty and Hardeep I can’t work out”

03 Sep HOLLY RICKWOOD on CBB: “My favourite to win is Kirsty and Hardeep I can’t work out”

by Holly Rickwood ||| Columnist

My favourite to win is without a doubt Kirsty! I love her I just think she is hilarious! When she was doing that task the other day trying to finish the English sayings I was crying!

Roxanne should have gone last night I can’t believe she didn’t! She should have been kicked out anyway for the lies she’s told! Imagine if she told lies like that in the real world but there was no cameras to prove it!

And even before that flirting with someone when her fiancé is watching is disgusting! But to be fair Ben was annoying too and the fact he was creeping on someone who is engaged made me feel sick, so I’m glad he went anyway! I bet that’s why he was put up too!

I don’t know who will get evicted next, maybe Jermaine because people won’t forget he was also an absolute dic*****

Basically cheating on his wife, Like do people not understand they are on camera??!

I think that gabby is a really lovely and you can tell an all round nice girl, but people want to see a bit of drama and so far we haven’t really had anything yet.

Nick and Dan the same. Seem really nice but would you notice if they weren’t there? Hmm I’m not sure.

Hardeep I can’t work out, but I know he’d do my head in if I was in there with him! And if he farted near me I’d be sick. Vile.

Ryan I feel so sorry for, he’s done nothing wrong and now his housemates will see him in a different light! I hope somehow the truth comes out that roxy is a liar!

Sally is funny too but no one beats Kirsty!

I’ve really enjoyed my Tweets & Column for Essex TV hope to be back soon, in the meantime don’t forget to follow my official social media accounts.

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Holly xx