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Could you help preserve the history of Colchester hospital ?

21 Jul Could you help preserve the history of Colchester hospital ?

A project is underway to help preserve the history of a popular Colchester hospital in the NHS era. 

Essex students Deborah Wiltshire, Kyle Cameron-Symes and Amy Powis are working under the supervision of the Department of History at University of Essex to accurately record materials relating to the hospital’s past. They are also looking to find ways of making this material available to the wider community.

Some of this material, including photographs, people’s memories and architectural drawings, will be made accessible via a website which will be continually updated.

The website is now live and is the result of collaboration between the university and Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Essex County Hospital.

Can you help with the project?

Deborah, Kyle and Amy are also trying to find new stories from the hospital’s history. Have you ever worked at the hospital, received treatment or perhaps visited a patient there? Do you have any memories you would like to share?

If so, please email