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Help for Heroes veterans meet the Mayor of Colchester

10 Jan Help for Heroes veterans meet the Mayor of Colchester

A group of veterans, who are being supported by Help for Heroes, (H4H), had tea at the Mayor of Colchester’s parlour yesterday.

Four Band of Brothers, (a fellowship network for those who have suffered a career-ending injury or illness during or attributable to their service), and one band of sister, (a fellowship network for their loved ones), were invited to the town hall by Cllr Gerard Oxford.

The military charity has been chosen by the Mayor as one of his six “Charity of the Year” recipients. He heard for himself how valuable money raised goes into Chavasse VC House, (one of four H4H Recovery Centres across the UK), which helps support those with injuries and illnesses attributable to the service in the British Armed Forces.

Cllr Oxford started off by telling the beneficiaries of Colchester Recovery Centre why he picked H4H as one of his ‘Charities of the Year”: “As Colchester is a military town it felt only right to choose a charity which supports those who have served in the Armed Forces. This year’s theme is caring. I was really impressed with how the Recovery Centre looks after our veterans, but even more so how they look after their family and the support mechanisms around them”.