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Help for Heroes helps local couples connect

03 Oct Help for Heroes helps local couples connect

Leaving the military can often be a difficult transition for wounded, injured or sick service personnel. That sense of purpose, identity and belonging to a team that the military generates can evaporate upon medical discharge.

Colchester Recovery Centre’s first ever couples wellbeing activity break didn’t just aim to bring together veterans for peer support; it was an opportunity for their loved one to feel integrated into the Help for Heroes family.

The three day break at the local Crowne Plaza Five Lakes Resort in Colchester saw day one kick off with an hour on the driving range and putting green with a golf professional. The couples were then let loose after lunch time to play a round of golf on the course; there was plenty of husband/wife coaching as the couples got competitive.

Veterans and their loved ones were eased into day two with a relaxing Pilates session. The chilled-out atmosphere was soon disrupted though with a zombie themed escape room. Sadly, the code was not broken but nobody seemed to mind as so much laughter ensued as the group tried to solve the various puzzles. One veteran reported how the problem solving and team work took him back to his Army days.

The afternoon took a slower pace and the couples were treated to an Introduction to Indian Head Massage where they learned how to massage aches, pains and tensions away. After a sumptuous dinner in the restaurant a salsa lesson woke everybody up. Even though a few toes were stepped on the musical extravaganza was enjoyed by all. One couple are now even looking for a local salsa club back home.

Day three sprang into action with an energetic aerobics session which helped everyone work up an appetite for the Bake Off session afterwards. A top chef taught the group how to make bread, pizza, potato salad, couscous and fruit salad. Couples then worked together to create their own lunches; you’ve never seen to many toppings crammed onto a pizza!