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Heavyweight King Tyson Fury to return to the ring this May

06 Mar Heavyweight King Tyson Fury to return to the ring this May

The heavyweight king Tyson Fury has announced through Twitter that he will return to the ring sending both fans and critics into overdrive.

Tyson Fury, who wrested the lineal title from Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015, announced he’ll return to the ring on May 13 and despite no opponent or further detail provided fans are already wandering what could lie ahead.

The past two years have been controversial for Fury, with a rescheduled match with Klitschko postponed due to an ankle injury, before it came out that the heavyweight boxer was suffering with depression.

Further adding to his woes Fury admitted to taking cocaine after becoming depressed following his win over Klitschko in 2015.

Fury tweeted his 500,000 strong twitter army saying:

“I’m taking on all bums,” Fury, 28, tweeted. “Keep my belts warm guys as they belong to the king. Whoever got my belts, I’m coming for you! Big or small.”

Twitter users reacted with one fan tweeting:
Tyson Fury is back, heavyweight boxing is now alive and kicking

And another adding:
Interested to see what @Tyson_Fury can do after his time off.