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THE HATTON GARDEN JOB Film: It doesn’t get better than this

17 Apr THE HATTON GARDEN JOB Film: It doesn’t get better than this

by Dan Bryans

Currently no.1 in the iTunes Charts under the Thriller category beating various Hollywood blockbusters and having a storyline to die for ….

Ladies and gentleman please pray silence for THE HATTON GARDEN JOB.

The film which was released on Friday the 14th of April has received critical acclaim whilst being well received by viewers who have taken to social media to exclaim their excitement at the latest Brit flick.

The story about a remarkable true story set over one long Easter weekend, follows four ageing East End criminals – led by 76 year-old Brian Reader – and one mystery man who pull off the largest heist in English legal history.

With everyone from the Hungarian mob to Scotland Yard on their tail, these old-school – and just plain old – villains set about achieving the seemingly impossible, drilling into a steel-and-concrete secured safety deposit vault in London’s well-to-do Hatton Garden jewellery quarter. But will they commit the crime of the century or pay with their lives?

Whose In It?

Matthew Goode
Larry Lamb
Phil Daniels
Mark Harris
Joely Richardson
David Calder
Jack Doolan
Clive Russell

Where to watch it from?

Happy watching, Ohhh and you’re welcome 😉