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Harry Amelia: Dating – Why do some women expect a free ride?

20 Feb Harry Amelia: Dating – Why do some women expect a free ride?

Hello all,

I’m back again! Now usually I’d consider myself a girl’s girl, but I feel I have to stick up for the lads on this one. Women are SO demanding! Sometimes, you just really can’t win, can you?!

So… I hope you’re sat down for this one… Harry The Ice Queen went on a DATE on valentine’s day! Now I will spare you the gory details (I like my privacy, but shout out to the lad who spotted me and decided rather than saying hi in person, to message me on Facebook instead… am I really that scary?!) but at the end of the meal when the bill came, I asked “would you like me to pay half?” I was met with a look of utter shock, then he asked me whether I was joking. I said no, can we split it, I like to pay for my own stuff… at which point he picked his jaw up off the floor and said “No girl has ever offered to pay for anything before!”

Sorry… WHAT?!

It annoys me that we live in a modern society where girls feel like they should be able to drink beer with the lads, do what they like and be seen as an equal sex in every other area of their lives, except for their personal relationships? Then, they all profess, we must return to the Old Days where all women wore petticoats and lived at home until they got married. “But, what about CHIVALRY?!” I hear some of my readers cry! Sorry sweetheart, but chivalry isn’t about being your personal ATM. To me, it’s about being honest and kind, treating you with respect, being open about your feelings with someone, being considerate about their feelings and so on and so forth. I can think of a million and one ways people could show me they care about me and it wouldn’t cost them a penny.

“But it’s nice to be wined and dined!” the traditional romantics chime. Yes, I completely agree, when you’ve been together a while and you get surprised with a date night, it’s great, but personally I would much rather start a relationship as I mean to go on – on the basis of an equal partnership. I don’t like people buying me things, I like to work hard and be proud of what I’ve achieved… Not be on a night out and think “Wow, I look great in this dress that my ex bought me!”

On the other end of the scale, I saw something recently about a guy asking for his £4.50 back he spent on a drink because the bird wouldn’t go home with him for a shag. That is even worse than a girl expecting everything to be paid for – but when I go out (admittedly, haven’t been for quite some time, parent problems!) if some randomer in a club offers to buy me a drink in a club, I politely decline as I’m not interested and I don’t like to “owe” people things. Contrary to popular belief I don’t actually drink anyways, so I’m a very cheap date with my soda water and lime!

We all know that one girl who is out every weekend, scabbing drinks off random men hoping they can get her drunk enough for a quickie, then moving on to the next one, then usually ending up in the toilets sucking off some grotter for half a line. I’ve witnessed this a few times, being from Leicester and all that! It’s amazing what you observe when you’re always the designated driver and everyone else is sloshed! I’m a fan of doing whatever the fuck you like but jesus christ love, get some self-respect. And those bottle bunnies, they’ll take one up the back passage raw just to flex for the ‘gram, taking a few pictures with your ridiculously overpriced bottle of goose.

This particular (unlucky) lad in question that I graced with my (shit) company, got turned down when he asked a girl out he had been speaking to for a while because, and I quote, she “Doesn’t really date guys who work at B&M on minimum wage, you seem a really great guy but there would be no future for us, hope you understand” I fucking shit you not, she actually said that. I have friends who are escorts and fully admit to it, and get all sorts of stick, why are these wallet craving unofficial prostitutes not getting the same treatment?! Especially within my industry, as a model I feel I’m surrounded by superficial girls who will quite happily have some fat, sweaty, probably married rotter grunting away on top of them in return for a Louis Vuitton handbag and some nice shoes. Just remember ladies, those shoes will go out of fashion… but the stench of BO and festering cheesy cock will be remembered by you every time you look down at your feet 😉 #ByeHun 😉

What does everyone think?! Send me your thoughts on Social Media. Do you believe a guy should pay? Are you a happily married and always split the bill? Are you a girl who has never paid a penny for anything? Maybe you’re a guy who believes its your duty to pay or perhaps you’re a kept man? By the way, never take my relationship as gospel. My love life is a train wreck! Until next time, catch me on social media. Toodle Pip!

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