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Harlow Council rubber stamps new three year plan to “make Harlow the best town in the country”

13 Dec Harlow Council rubber stamps new three year plan to “make Harlow the best town in the country”

Harlow Council has agreed a new three-year plan to “make Harlow the best town in the country to raise your family and to send your children to school; the best place to start a business; the best place to live and to be.”

The aim to “make Harlow the best town in the country” is all part of the Council’s new corporate strategy adopted at last night’s (9 December) Full Council meeting. The new strategy provides ​the overall direction for the Council’s day-to-day work and decision making.

The Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Russell Perrin, has set out a bold new vision and set of ambitions for the Council, including to: regenerate and transform Harlow’s estates and town centre, restore pride in the streets and estates, radically improve council services whilst providing value for money for council taxpayers, and support all residents and businesses now and in the future as the town recovers from the pandemic.

The strategy focuses on four key themes: economic growth, social cohesion, safeguarding the environment and being an efficient council. Within the strategy are the ambitions and work priorities which will be delivered by the council’s seven cabinet members.

Councillor Russell Perrin, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “Harlow has been a great place for many people to live and work over the past 75 years. If Harlow is to continue being a great place to live and work, if it is to continue to be a place of enterprise and innovation, if it is to continue as a green and pleasant place in our country’s landscape, then it will require the administration I lead to drive its regeneration and renewal.

“This plan shifts our efforts in regenerating our town from low to high gear. It allows us to get on with the job of making Harlow the best town in the country and extending opportunity and prosperity to everyone in our town.

“This is not just another document designed to gather dust, but a clear statement of intent that this Council, working with local enterprise, charities, volunteer groups, partner organisations and all of our people, will truly transform Harlow.”

As well as getting on with the job of rebuilding and transforming Harlow, Councillor Perrin knows very well that day-to-day the council must be an efficient organisation and one that delivers for its residents and businesses. He added: “This council will be the main driver in making Harlow an even better place to be, but, above all else we will be a council that is there to serve the people and businesses of this town. That is what our plan seeks to do and that is what we will deliver.”