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Grandfather’s viral Labour Party video wows locals

31 May Grandfather’s viral Labour Party video wows locals

by Dan Bryans

Jingle Jeff is known to some for being the man who makes learning fun through his ABC learning videos but putting that on hold to focus on the upcoming general election the grandfather has seen his Labour Party video go viral.

50year old Geoff Jackson, a married father of three children and three grandchildren who works in a pharmacy by day and began making videos when I wrote a world cup song for the 2010 World Cup has never looked back ever since.

In the video which is seemingly supporting the Labour Party, Jackson makes a number of light hearted jokes and references about the impending general election and runs through Labour’s manifesto.

In an exclusive interview today he told us “I created my YouTube channel Jingle Jeff shortly after my first video. The name Jingle Jeff came from the fact that I write all my own jingles and music.”

He added “I started making more videos to help my granddaughter with her language homework. After a while I decided to do other videos to help all children or adults who want to learn.”