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So, here we go with The Apprentice 2016 writes Paul Manners

13 Oct So, here we go with The Apprentice 2016 writes Paul Manners

So, here we go with The Apprentice 2016; or perhaps this first episode might as well be called ‘Bargain Hunt’. After hearing a brief statement from some of the candidates, we can already see those who appear big-headed and want everything for themselves.


“All I’ve ever been interested in is having as much money and as much power as I can” someone said…..are you serious!

I absolutely love the way that Lord Sugar just wants everyone to form together and work well. Already wondering if more than two people will be fired and certainly can’t wait to see who he calls the ‘loose cannon’.

18 potential partners have now entered the boardroom for the first time. Lord Sugar discusses why his businesses have not failed and the winner will receive a £250,000 investment which will change someone’s life. He is after that business brain and anyone who feels like moaning can write to [email protected]’ which had tickled me. I absolutely love his quirky and sarcastic one-liners. The process is not personal, it’s business.

Lord Sugar introduces some of the candidates. I love the way that everyone is smartly dressed but there was one who hasn’t sorted out the ‘uni-brow’ lol straight on we are introduced to the first task at hand; which is sorting out old things and selling them to make a profit… other words, a good old bargain hunt or as it’s in a lockup perhaps a little bit of ‘storage hunters’.

We are then seen to view some of the candidates travelling and they briefly state what they are about and what they plan to do about the task ahead. Hmmmmm I’m now wondering if they will stick to what they say.  Karthik states “my way is a super separate highway”, you can start by creating that highway between your eyebrows mate.

After being shown where the candidates are staying (which is really lovely) the boys and girls are thinking of their team names. Boys are ‘team titan’ and girls are ‘team nebula’. Project managers are chosen which are Paul for team titan and Michelle for team nebula. I love the way that bargain hunt is mentioned.

Candidates are waking up at 3am, omg I normally get home by this time after a gig and both teams travel to South London in order to find their garages full of antique goods. With Michelle’s statement of being a strength, will they prevail?

Team nebula set up a stall in one of London’s most popular car boot sales sites  and began selling their goods at totally random prices….did no one actually do their homework?!! Omg I would’ve looked up the value of items. At least team titan are doing their homework and consulted a specialist in valuing the antique ones.

“Don’t be shy, come give me a hug” what a legend, spoken by Karthik. The guys are doing a friendly and approachable sales strategy. The women are now seen valuing other items and have left little time to focus on selling the rest of their stock for Alana’s sub team. Looks like team nebula are now meeting up at Camden.

Team titan have made the mistake of not approaching someone who is authorised to buy an item and now the girls are in a pickle where they failed to tell the van driver that they were going to Camden. In the meantime, the girls who are already at Camden might as well run a pound shop; as they are selling everything so cheap.

Some of the guys were at Portobello road and not negotiating on prices and the rest of the girls finally arrive at Camden to offload stock on the sub team. “No brainwork, no business work, no common sense” said Lord Sugars advisor, Claude.

The guys do a final push and project manager Paul slashes prices. It seems that team titan are working well together but team nebula seem to have issues. Perhaps it’s a case of big egos joining together.

The candidates were invited back into the boardroom now that the first task had been completed. Lord Sugar asks the girls what their team name was; Nebula. “Toxic gas in space” Lord Sugar replied.

Omg here comes the excuses, of why the girls didn’t make full use of the antique advisors especially concerning of not listening to the advice of going to Portobello Road market.

Lord Sugar loved the name of team titan, someone is the Greek god of sausages lol hahahaha love it! Excuses come out as to why they have turned down some sales.

£959 – Team Nebula

£1428.10 – Team Titan

Well done boys! The headless chickens are left, according to Lord Sugar and at least one of the girls will be fired. Michelle is now putting the blame to the marketing team, how about blaming the organisation of it all…..who was in charge??? YOU. The women were called to the boardroom.

In the boardroom, everyone explained what happened and Lord Sugar is baffled of where they got their prices from. I’m thinking that it might have been Ebay lol. “The prices were so cheap that the shoppers could’ve been done for looting”, says one-liner Mr Sugar. It now seems like everyone is interested in interrupting and putting the blame on each other. I have never seen Lord Sugar so disappointed and asks the project manager Michelle to choose two people to bring back into the boardroom. Alana and Rebecca are chosen.

Oh my days, somebody just put the three girls into a wrestling ring! I really hate arguments, can’t things just be discussed civilly. Lord Sugar had now heard enough. Lord Sugar had fired Michelle only, as even though it is easy to point the finger to the project manager; there were just too many neglected responsibilities.

17 candidates now remain. Next time it’s an advertising campaign in fashion….which team will be wearing the wrong trousers in the next episode? We shall see