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George Michael’s lover claims he is being side-lined by family

10 Mar George Michael’s lover claims he is being side-lined by family

George Michael’s lover Fadi Fawaz has sensationally told The Sun that he is being frozen out of funeral plans for the late star. Michael died on Christmas Day last year at his Oxfordshire home with an inquest later finding fatty liver disease as the cause for his death.

Fawaz found his lover dead and he has since suffered abuse from fans on social media, these attacks being driven by rumours that Michael may have died of an overdose whilst Fawaz told the police that he had slept in his car on Christmas Eve.

The hairdresser who is rumoured to be trying to launch a career in Showbiz told The Sun: ‘The funeral? I can’t give you an answer, everything is being kept quiet.

‘I can’t tell you about the funeral – it should have happened a long time ago. This has gone on and on. I was in the middle of it all.
‘But I don’t know anything about the funeral, I really don’t know anything. Believe me. It’s all so strange.’

After the cause of Michael’s death was confirmed Fawaz took to social media saying “f**k you” followed by “the truth is out.”

The family have confirmed that they will be planning a private funeral service for the late star.