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George Kay rumoured to start a career in professional football

10 Apr George Kay rumoured to start a career in professional football

by Tasha Turner

With a less than decorated career that includes 5years in the professional rugby league, various roles within the entertainment industry, open links to Britains underworld, his marriage to a reality super star..(add to that a charge sheet as long as my arm), now George Kay is looking to add footballer to his CV!

Sources from the football world are whispering a shock return to the sporting arena as it is no secret that the 6ft 4ins athlete once turned down a chance of a professional football career with a Barclays premier league side, in favour of pursuing a career in the rugby league at the ripe old age of 14!

The 36yr old star who has recently played a handful of celebrity football matches including a recent charity match at Bowers & Pitsea FC, is thought to have impressed a number of professional outfits with his silky skills and no nonsense defensive abilities.

A source close to the star has this morning told us “George is currently in talks with a number of clubs, but he feels that age is not on his side and may prevent him from reaching the levels that may have been possible a decade ago”.

He has most recently been confirmed to be playing at another celebrity football match next month, is this just a dress rehearsal for what’s in store?

We say good luck to him, wouldn’t bet against him making this career change. All the evidence points towards a return to football.