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From Norfolk to Nice: Create your favourite holiday destination in your garden

06 May From Norfolk to Nice: Create your favourite holiday destination in your garden

With staycations set to stay for 2021, The Growers, part of the Bridge Farm Group, are inspiring Brits to create their favourite holiday destinations in their gardens with their bespoke destination themed flowers and plants titled ‘Growing Somewhere Nice’.

Many of us will have had hopes to travel overseas for a long-awaited summer holiday to bask in the hot temperatures of Italy or Greece, and while we’re not able to magic the Mediterranean weather to the UK, we are able to give our gardens a glow up to recreate that feeling of being away in our favourite holiday spots.

Whether you’re lusting after the beautiful landscapes of Santorini or the sandy beaches of Barcelona, you need look no further than The Growers who have created tailored collections of flowers and plants to transform your garden into a holiday chic spot to relax, with each destination having a distinct colour theme related to its look and feel.

Orange Begonias and leafy Coleus’ will take you to Madeira in Portugal without having to set foot in an airport, while The Growers’ colourful range of Dahlias and Geraniums will give you the perfect setting to throw a Spanish fiesta in the garden.

An added bonus is that all plants arrive from The Growers ready-grown to plant in your garden, enabling you to instantly add colour impact and the flourish of your chosen holiday destination without having to wait weeks for the plants to grow and establish.

Natali Pendleton, most commonly known as Natali in Norfolk on Instagram, transformed a section of her picturesque Georgian house garden using Growing Somewhere Nice to transport her from Norfolk to Nice. With the help of The Growers, she used brightly coloured Petunias and Fuschia Jollies to give herself a beautiful corner of the South of France in her back garden.

Although the climate of the UK is very different to the likes of Italy or Spain, there are many plants that you’ll find in these destinations that still thrive in the cooler conditions of the UK. Geraniums and Petunias are great examples of plants that you’d see a lot of in Mediterranean countries, such as Portugal and Spain, but do grow well in the British summer due to their modified leaves. These also give your outdoor space a really nice pop of colour.

Andrew Fuller, Head Growing Guru at The Growers, part of the Bridge Farm Group, the UK’s largest supplier of plants and flowers, said: “We know the majority of people will be missing their summer holidays abroad this year so we wanted to do something fun at The Growers with Growing Somewhere Nice to give those who aren’t able to get away a taste of their favourite holiday destination in their own garden.

“Once you’ve transformed your outdoor space, my top tips for caring for your plants would be to check on them every day to ensure they aren’t drying out and are getting enough water, as well as making sure they are positioned correctly to get enough sunlight and have enough room to grow to their fullest.”