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Former Tendring Council office to be converted into accessible home

06 Aug Former Tendring Council office to be converted into accessible home

A former Tendring District Council (TDC) office building is to be converted into an accessible home.

The cash office in Waddesdon Road, Dovercourt, has been closed for some time.

Now TDC is looking to convert the single-storey building into a two-bedroom council house, suitable for a household with accessibility issues.

The existing car park will be turned into private amenity space, with two car parking spaces – one of them a disabled bay – being provided.

Last night (Tuesday, 30 July) TDC’s Planning Committee agreed the change could be carried out under ‘prior notification’ planning law without the need for a full application. This would not normally be heard by councillors, but because the council is the behind the scheme it was determined by a committee in the interests of transparency.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member for Housing, welcomed the decision.

“As our draft Housing Strategy published earlier this month shows, we have a shortage of council homes in general and of accessible homes in particular,” Cllr Honeywood said.

“Converting our former cash office not only brings a disused building back into use, but does so in a way which will help our residents by providing a much-needed home and help to tackle our housing waiting list.”