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Flats restored to former glory at The Hides in Harlow

29 Mar Flats restored to former glory at The Hides in Harlow

A £1.4M project to refurbish flats in The Hides has now been completed, as part of Harlow Council’s ongoing programme of improving council homes.

An extensive programme of improvements and redecoration has been carried out over several months. These include roof replacement, external wall insulation, improvements to communal lighting, secure boundary fencing, new walkway safety railings, window and door replacements, restoration of pram/store sheds and secure door entry system.

These works will help the energy efficiency within the homes, supported by a new energy performance certificate (EPC).
Other works include replanting the embankments on the underpass to reduce the retention of litter and for easier maintenance. Parking has also been improved to make it more secure.

Councillor Simon Carter, Cabinet Member for Housing, paid a visit to the site last week along with council officers and contractors to see the finished works first hand. He said:

“I am sure the residents at The Hides will be very pleased with the standard of work that has been carried out to their area.
“The contractors, Durkan, have done an excellent job in particular with the detail work around the external cladding and worked well with residents during this disruptive period.

“This smart looking building has revitalised a tired-looking part of the estate and will improve the quality of life for our residents. It supports the council’s ongoing programme of investing in our housing estates, providing safe, smart and efficient homes for residents.

“As part of the council’s budget announced in February, £122 million is planned to be spent over the next 5 years to continue maintaining and improving council homes and flats.”