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Five things children need to know about wearing contact lenses

14 Jul Five things children need to know about wearing contact lenses

FOR children who need glasses, contact lenses could be seen as a scary option. But this needn’t be the case.

Specsavers is sharing its tips and advice to open them up to the world of contact lenses, as well as some important things they need to know.

1. Contact lenses aren’t age restrictive: Some things in life have age restrictions like video games or theme park rides, but the good news is contact lenses don’t. It all comes down to the person feeling comfortable wearing them, whatever their age.

2. They’re not painful: Unlike teenage heartbreak, contact lenses aren’t painful. In fact, when you’re wearing them, you shouldn’t feel them at all. While you shouldn’t feel as if they are there, if you do experience discomfort, you can always pop back into your Specsavers store to get it checked out.

3. Contact lenses are really easy to clean: Unlike your bedroom, contact lenses are really easy to keep clean. The important things to remember are washing your hands before you put in your lenses and take them out. If lenses look dirty when you take them out of the packet or case, use your saline solution to rinse them – never water. But if in doubt, throw them out and start with a new lens.

4. Remember to take them out: Not everyone is good at remembering things – we’ve all left our homework at home before. So if this sounds like you, why not set a reminder on your phone or write a note by your bed to jog your memory. Simple things like this will help make taking out your contact lenses part of your routine.

5. Contact lenses aren’t scary: While the thought of putting something in your eye may fill you with horror, it isn’t anything to be frightened of. The friendly opticians at Specsavers will help guide you on how to use them, so you’ll soon get the hang of them and realise there’s nothing to be scared of.