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First residential parking improvement scheme completed in Harlow

24 Dec First residential parking improvement scheme completed in Harlow

A new scheme to provide much-needed modern size parking spaces has been completed in Hookfield.

In September the council announced seven schemes to improve residential parking with the first of those schemes in Hookfield just completed. The scheme provides 9 additional parking spaces on land which was formerly unused garages. Nine garages in the same area have also been refurbished.

In total the council’s seven improvement schemes will provide 80 new unallocated bays in some areas where parking is a real problem for residents. Work has started on scheme number 2 in Longfield which will provide 14 new spaces and 47 garages in the area will be refurbished. Last week planning permission was agreed by councillors for two more parking schemes at Pear Tree Mead (6 new spaces) and Shawbridge (12 new spaces) with work due to start in the new year.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “The lack of residential parking is one of the biggest complaints I hear from residents, so this year we have decided to start doing something about it. This is about taking action to reduce residential parking woes. Having visited Hookfield on many occasions as a ward councillor I know these new spaces will make a positive difference to residents living in the area.

“The seven schemes I announced back in September will provide small scale parking solutions to some of our worst affected estates. It is unlikely that we will be able to completely solve the problem; we can’t make housing estates bigger and we don’t want to tarmac over all our green spaces, but marking out spaces where parking could be better used and creating extra parking bays should bring about an improvement over time.”