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Finally a CBD brand backed by science and a family doctor

11 Dec Finally a CBD brand backed by science and a family doctor

After suffering as a young adult with his own health issues, namely Crohn’s disease and since then, a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Harrison Weisinger MBBS P.h.D committed his life to improving human health. An Avid reader and self confessed knowledge junkie, CBD had been on his radar for some time

I’ve studied the effects of CBD for several years and find it to be one of the most powerful natural supplements out there” – Dr Harrison Weisinger (MB.BS, M.Sc., Ph.D.)

From his own research into buying his own CBD he soon realised that the  industry was a complete minefield.

A recent investigation done by the BBC uncovered a shocking discovery into CBD oils sold online and in stores in the UK that contained no CBD at all.

As a largely unregulated industry (it’s currently sold in the UK under the umbrella of food supplement) there’s not much stopping some companies selling inferior oils in very diluted quantities or using toxic extraction methods. This pained me, knowing the benefits of this compound and also knowing that consumers we’re being completely ripped off, I had to do something

So, along with his best mate Trent (also a cancer survivor) they  set off on a worldwide search for plant compounds that were scientifically robust and suppliers that used clean and ethical practices, their mission?  to give people access to the high-quality, safe organic CBD  based on scientific evidence and complete transparency; no gimmicks, just the honest truth

Our CBD comes from organically grown hemp and, better still, it’s zero THC – so you get all the health benefits without getting ‘high”

When it comes to choosing a CBD oil Dr. Harry is very clear that it’s all about quality over quantity. ”People think they’re getting a really good deal, and like with all supplements, buy cheap, buy twice. Most of them you may as well not bother taking them at all. And I would most certainly avoid a high street brand”

So how do you know if you’re buying quality CBD?

Look for transparency, look for any information on their website or marketing materials about their extraction methods and where their CBD is sourced. If there isn’t much information there, take that as a red flag, chances are they’re hiding something. Reach out to their customer service, ask questions. Also, look for reviews online, my company uses Trustpilot which is a completely unedited third party review platform. If the CBD is of high quality then it will be reflected in thero customer success stories

It’s certainly refreshing to hear a doctor speak so clearly about the minefield that is CBD. Once you decide upon the brand for you it’s important to choose the right product. The great thing about CBD is that it comes in lots of different forms. According to Dr. Harry there’s no right way of taking it, it’s about personal preference. Truth Naturals  currently offer four different variations: Tinctures, Capsules, Gumdrops & Oral spray

Buy CBD online at you can trust.