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Films to Watch on Christmas Eve

21 Dec Films to Watch on Christmas Eve

Britain is a nation of film-lovers. Over recent years, we’ve spent more time than ever nestled in our sofas, enjoying our favourite feature films and tv shows via streaming platforms like Netflix. A survey carried out by Smart Pig, a finance company specialising in loans for students, found that around 49% of those who use Netflix don’t actually pay for the subscription. But this hasn’t stopped it from becoming the most popular streaming platform, with a host of festive films on offer.

We’ve all got our own favourites when it comes to Christmas films. But if you’re sick of the same handful of favourites, then it might be time to branch out – especially if you’ve got guests coming over for the season and you need something inoffensive to gather around. Let’s take a look at some of the best candidates for viewing on Christmas Eve.

Single All the Way

This is a feelgood romcom in the classic tradition, featuring a few recognisable faces, including Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Urie from Ugly Betty. The plot centres around a perpetually single man who persuades a friend of his to pose as his boyfriend, only to be set up on a blind date by his meddling mother.


Another recent Christmas film, this time featuring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. Two strangers decide to provide dates for one another over the course of the festive period. This is another film to feature a main character whose family are always trying to set her up on dates with random strangers – which perhaps points to a broader social trend.

Love Hard

This slightly sinister offering features a journalist who decides to fly to visit a man with whom she’s been speaking over the internet. Unfortunately, things aren’t quite as simple as that, and she discovers that there’s a little more to her would-be romantic interest.

Love Actually

With its ensemble cast and several meme-worthy scenes, Love Actually is a film that’s lodged into the nation’s collective memory, and established itself as a classic. It manages to pack in a vast spectrum of emotional moments while still leaving you with a fuzzy feeling at the end – which is pretty much what you want from a decent Christmas film.

Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding pair up for this one. The former has a job as an elf in a shop in the middle of London; the latter stumbles in and the two pair up to spend a lot of time wandering around a snow-covered London. The film is heavily inspired by the Wham! song of the same name – and so perhaps it isn’t a great idea for those who’ve decided to play Whamageddon.