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Families make a beeline to Chelmsford Museum for ‘Show Me The Honey’

04 Jun Families make a beeline to Chelmsford Museum for ‘Show Me The Honey’

Hundreds of children buzzed around Chelmsford Museum inspired by its latest event, ‘Show Me The Honey’, which celebrated the return of the much-loved bees to the museum’s collection.

‘Show Me The Honey’ not only welcomed back one of Chelmsford Museum’s most-popular exhibits, it also provided a week of interactive activities for children to find out more about the life of the honey bee. Children were given the opportunity to learn all about the life of bees, how they collect nectar, create honey and communicate with one another. There was also lots of opportunities to try honey, make a candle, dress-up as ‘Queen Bee’ and find out what flowers the bees are most attracted to.

The event also encouraged visitors to take part in the Friends of the Earth Great British Bee Count. Here children could buzz around the Museum’s Oaklands Park and record all of the bees in the grounds. Visitors were also encouraged to download a British Bee Count app so they could record the number of bees in their own garden too.

Dave Finkle, Manager, Chelmsford Museum, organised the event. He says: “Show me the Honey was a tremendous success. It was excellent to see the children’s faces all fascinated to find out more about bees. We also have to give a very special thanks to the Chelmsford Bee Keepers Association who are currently celebrating their 100th birthday and supplied us with bees and supported the event.”

The Chelmsford Museum is currently running a ‘just for fun’ competition to find a name for their new Queen Bee, simply visit to enter your suggestions. To discover more about Chelmsford Museum, visit The Friends of the Earth Great British Bee Count free app is available from 17 May to download via Android and Apple app stores.  To find out more about The Great British Bee Count visit