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Famed local director Richard Colton talks films and Amarich Productions venture in interview

29 Jun Famed local director Richard Colton talks films and Amarich Productions venture in interview

Richard Colton is a famed film director and editor from Essex, we had a chat with him to find out more about his future plans and the film industry as a whole.

Q. Tell our readers-  who is Richard Colton?

RC: From a very young age I was passionate about the film industry, for me there was no other career i could have entered into other than the film industry. so i have spent my whole life working towards being a successful film director. Other than that i am you average Essex lad born in Wanstead in the 70’s and living most of my life in Theydon bois, Harlow and now Wickford with my wife and two sons who are my pride a joys.

Q. You held various post-production roles before becoming a director, how has your role expanded from what you did previously?

RC: Anyone who understands film making will understand that working as an editor is one of the best training grounds to understanding and becoming a great director.

I loved being an editor and i still turn my hand to editing if the project is right. However my passion was always to lead my own projects and working closely not only with cast but also crew. That editors head of mine has definitely made me a better director. as an ex editor i certainly know what not to shoot as much as what too shoot and i feel i am following in the footsteps of some of the greats like Robert Wise, David Lean and Stuart Baird who have all been great editors first then great directors.

Q. What aspects of directing do you enjoy the most?

RC: This is an impossible question to answer as i love it all, it is after all a dream job. bringing your imagination to life and seeing how others (like the actors or the camera man) interpret your imagination is a wonderful thing.

Q. You are currently celebrated as one of the most prolific directors from Essex – how does this feel?

RC: Am I? or is it that I am the only one? If I am then i am honoured to be held in such regard.

Q. What can we expect from you this year?

RC: Well with my business partner, Amar Adatia, Amarich productions is going from strength to strength, we are Just about to release the long awaited and much anticipated ‘Dead Ringer” which not only boasts a  whole host of music industry Cameo’s but is also a jolly good romp of a film (if i do say so myself). If that wasn’t enough we have also recently shot a Horror movie co produced and staring Dean Cain called ‘The Seven’ Which should be out late this year or early next year.