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Fairfields Farm Launch New Baby Potatoes

16 Jul Fairfields Farm Launch New Baby Potatoes

The warmer weather can mean only one thing, the chance to enjoy the tastiest early British new potatoes directly from Fairfields Farm.

Full of flavours and delicious for the summer months, Fairfields Farm is now offering its freshly-harvested baby potatoes online and giving customers 10% off everything throughout July – with free delivery nationwide straight from the farm to your door.

Simply boiled for around 15 minutes, Fairfields Farm’s nutritious baby potatoes pop in the mouth and are the perfect accompaniment to so many summer dishes, from salads and grilled meat, to frittatas and fresh fish.

The classic way to serve fresh baby potatoes is with butter and fresh mint, or why not whip up a delicious potato salad for a simple al fresco supper at home or to take on a picnic with the kids?

You can order a box of 6 x 750g bags of Baby Potatoes with 3kg of large washed potatoes for £15, including free delivery. Or, for an extra treat, don’t forget the crisps! Fairfields Farm’s hand-cooked crisps are made on the farm using renewable energy and perfect for summer snacking. For £25 you can enjoy a box of 6 x 750g bags of Baby Potatoes, 3kg of large washed potatoes and either 18 x 40g bags of crisps or
6 x 150g bags of crisps in mixed flavours for just £25 including free nationwide delivery!