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Exclusive: @theharryfisher talks crazy experiences, his new album and #bbuk

28 Jul Exclusive: @theharryfisher talks crazy experiences, his new album and #bbuk

19year old music artist Harry Fisher is fresh off his stint from the voice, calling it his craziest experience to date, we had a little catch-up with him to find out more about his upcoming album and ofcourse some cheeky goss!

Q.Tell our readers who is Harry Fisher ?

HF: I’m Harry Fisher haha! so, I’m 19 and I’m a singer/songwriter originally from Southampton! I started singing and writing silly little songs when I was 7 and just been doing it from then on!  I (amazingly) made it through to the quarter finals of the BBC’s ‘The Voice UK this year too! I also dye my hair a lot … Ha!
Q.How was the experience being part of The Voice ?
HF: The Voice was the craziest experience of my life! I don’t think I’ve ever cried, laughed and been so tired yet buzzed in all my life! When I decided to try out for The Voice I never even thought I would make it to the audition rounds, so to make it to the quarters was insane! It really gave me the platform to go on and live out my dream (as cheese as that is), it’s true! I’m now living in London and just doing music as my full time job!
Q.So how much of an influence has your Grandad played in your music ?
HF: Sooooooo much! I think if my grandad hadn’t introduced me to Jazz, rhythm and blues, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston I wouldn’t even be a singer today. My Grandad was in a band when he was my age called ‘Brian Fisher and The Raiders’ and my tour band are called ‘The Raiders’ so when I tour my album, i will be touring as ‘Harry Fisher and the Raiders’ which is really cool and something I also wanted to do out of respect for what my Grandad taught me. But yeah, my grandad just taught me everything I needed to know, he’s like a music guru, it’s kinda scary how much he knows haha!
Q.You have an album due out on the 25th of August, can you tell us more about it ?
HF: Yes, oh my god I’m so excited! So the album is basically me opening up a lot about my past family life, relationships and just breaking my heart on certain tracks. Like, I’m so excited for my fans to actually be able to relate with me on a more personal level, which is something I wasn’t able to do on the voice as obviously I was singing all cover songs, but with my own material I really hope people can really connect with my writing. Plus the fact that all the lyrics on the album are written by myself or with the person featuring on the track. Oh! And there’s so many cool artists featuring, including Vince Kidd which was so much fun!
(C) WALL TO WALL - Photographer: GUY LEVY

(C) WALL TO WALL – Photographer: GUY LEVY

The album is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, it’s got songs on it that I wrote last week and songs that I wrote 2/3 years ago that will just never leave me. There’s also a lot of diversity on the album. I feel like music has gotten too ‘samey’ as in everyone has to stick to ONE certain genre, and have THIS number of tracks on an album and songs music be THIS amount of time – I don’t believe in that. I believe music is what comes from within and how you feel in THAT moment, and if I write a song and it ends up being 8 minutes long, it’s going to stay 8 minutes long.
Q. Your single ‘Sister’ is currently doing the rounds – whats the story behind it ?
HF: Yes it’s doing well! Sister is one of my faves on the album actually because of the story behind it. So just before I moved to London last year I unfortunately stumbled into some dark places and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which is something I couldn’t even comprehend because I’m so bubbly and crazy. But it was hands down the worst thing that I have ever had to experience in my life – and sister is all about that time in my life – the song talks about the dark times becoming my sister because that’s all I had at the time. but also my real sister (Jessica). My sister has autism and the way she see’s the world is so black and white and she is so blunt and somehow she is totally carefree, so the song is about wanting my sister in my darkest times.
Q.Rumour has it you would love to do a bit of reality … Big Brother next year then ?
HF: YES YES YES! All they have to do is ask me and I am straight in that house, although I’m not a morning person so I think I’d struggle with the getting up part! But yeah, I’m such a huge reality fan, even things like first dates!…Actually I want a boyfriend Haha!
Q.What can we expect to see from you in the future ?

HF: I am so busy at the moment, and I kind of don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight! But in terms of the future for me in music, I’m doing a lot of writing at the moment, I’m currently writing a song for the amazing Alexa Goddard who is such a wonderful artist and totally tearing it up for the females in the industry! But for myself, I’m shooting my music video this week which is going on VEVO which is so so so exciting and hoping to meet up with my former coach Boy George in September to make up some magic music! So I’m doing loads and loads and loving it!