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EXCLUSIVE: No more Essex Boys for Sothcott

03 Jul EXCLUSIVE: No more Essex Boys for Sothcott

by Tasha Turner

Britain’s most prolific film producer, Jonathan Sothcott was in Brentwood yesterday and Essex TV caught up with him at the Sugar Hut where he dropped something of a bombshell.

“I’m not making any more Essex Boys movies,” said Sothcott, who was responsible for Fall of the Essex Boys and the recent hit Bonded by Blood 2 amongst others.

There’s flogging a dead horse but it now feels like we’re flogging 3 dead drug dealers. I’m bored of this story and I think audiences are too. It’s time for something different. If i see a range rover on a DVD cover that isn’t Layer Cake now I cringe.”

Sothcott, who has produced more British crime films than anyone else, said he popped into Sugar Hut whenever he was in Brentwood.

“Mick and Kirk Norcross are good friends of mine and it’s the only place in Town to go.

According to his social media Sothcott dined at his regular Essex haunt Sheesh in Chigwell later in the day with beautiful actress Janine Nerissa. He tweeted “Had the best dinner @Sheeshchigwell with @JanineNerissa last night – thank you Dylan and @kingsheesh for looking after us”.