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EXCLUSIVE: Harry Fisher Talks 2017, The Voice And Upcoming EP

08 Mar EXCLUSIVE: Harry Fisher Talks 2017, The Voice And Upcoming EP

By Matthew Martino

Harry Fisher grew into the public eye following his appearance on The Voice, with his debut EP coming up dubbed “You Killed Me First” we pulled him in for an exclusive chat to find out how its all going.

Q. Harry what’s the master plan for 2017 ?
HF: My master plan for 2017 is to break this whole stigma that ‘no one from the voice is successful’ because to be honest I think the voice produces some of the best raw talent that the UK has to deliver and it’s a lot harder for us to get the recognition we deserve as the voice contestants aren’t invested in as much as other talent shows, which causes a lot of people to give up which is really sad, because for me, I see it as a good thing. I have so much creative freedom now, I write all my own music, direct all my own videos even chose what I wear, and it’s such a creative release for me to be able to be myself and not have to be put in a box. Which unfortunately is seen a lot in the talent show industry.

Q.There is rumour of this dark tone to your upcoming music, what can you tell us ?
HF: Haha, it’s so funny because I’m such a happy bubbly person to be around but, yes the EP is got a very underlying dark tone. There a lot of dark themes within love and relationships. relationships for me, being a creative person, are sometimes so difficult because I go for the creative and strong minded guys and when two artists collide the result can be very dark, and that’s what you’re gonna hear all about in the EP. I just personally find it difficult to write a happy song, everything I write comes from such a deep emotional place and it’s so important for me to not sugar coat what I feel and what I’ve been through because if it helps just one person listen to the song and think ‘I’m not the only one who feels this way’ that’s a dream come true for me.

Q. What your thoughts been on this year’s edition of The Voice ?
HF: It’s SICKKK!!! Team JHUD all the way though, Mo is absolutely killing it, I think I’ve watched his blind audition of ‘iron sky’ about a thousand times already!

Q. What can we expect from your EP ?
HF: I Think in the EP you can expect a very honest delivery of music. I’ve been working on this release of a body of work for nearly a year now and the ideas and songs and themes have changed so much, but I feel like I’ve really found my route in, and I’ve found the path I want to take. This is the first time I’ve released something with a team behind me. I have an incredible producer called ‘LAPSUNG’ who really connects with the music and does such an excellent job, I have a team of people helping me with a cheeky music video to the feature song of the EP and I even have my 12 year old brother writing lyrics with me! I think it’s fair to say I was so shocked when he started suggesting lyrics and verses to me, I just couldn’t say no because the things that he was coming up with were incredible! He obviously takes after me 😉 haha.

Q. Rumours are saying a fellow The Voice contestant might be on the EP, what can you tell us about that ?
HF: I can tell you that the person featuring is full of raw soul, edgy vocals and a sick style… Have a guess!