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EXCLUSIVE: A candid chat with vlogger Quisha Rose

09 Nov EXCLUSIVE: A candid chat with vlogger Quisha Rose

by Dan Bryans 

Quisha Rose is a vlogger known for her quirky lifestyle and beauty videos and supporting various causes as an activist. I had a candid chat with her to find out more.

Q. What Made You Start Your Youtube Channel?

Quisha: I suffered with extreme anxiety, depression and at the time was suffering with anorexia which caused me to drop out of public school and became homeschooled.

I also became homeschooled because of traumatic bullying (physically and mentally) in the high school I used to attend. So from being homeschooled, I had a lot of free time and since I moved hours away from where I used to live I didn’t know anyone in the area, so I made a new hobby which was making YouTube videos.

Q. How Do You Brand Yourself & What Type Of Content Do You Put Together?

Quisha: I create beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos with a few comedic ones here and there, however theres always been a part of me that doesn’t want to just do what everyone else is doing.

I wanted to use my platform to help others and spread awareness on important topics that need more recognition. I’ve done a few videos on mental health and recently spoke about sexual assault. 

I also talk a lot about Veganism and animal testing on my channel, spreading awareness about factory farms and what makeup companies test their products on innocent animals. I have done a few public protests where viewers have turned up to help as well.

From talking about these subjects I’ve had 100s of people telling me how much I’ve inspired them to go cruelty free etc. 

I talk a lot about feminism on my channel and twitter, which is a very controversial topic however is something I’m so passionate about. Feminism isn’t about bringing men down, it’s about being equal to men.