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Exciting partnership between EA Festival and County Broadband announced

06 Jul Exciting partnership between EA Festival and County Broadband announced

EA Festival has partnered with Essex-based County Broadband for its inaugural event in East Anglia
this summer. The company is supporting the festival by providing the Superfast connectivity
required to livestream the programme, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supplying
peerless broadband connectivity to local communities.

The speed of the connection – up to three times faster than the average London domestic
household – will support the livestreaming of the event. County Broadband’s technology will also
allow festival attendees to connect to free, high quality Wi-Fi on site. This connection prefigures the
installation of full-fibre Hyperfast internet connectivity in Castle Hedingham, scheduled to be in
place by Autumn 2021, and means that EA Festival 2022 will enjoy an even faster connection..

Launching this ambitious two-day event during the extraordinary conditions of the COVID-19
pandemic, organisers felt strongly that in-person and livestream tickets must be available for all
events. Should the need arise, in-person tickets will be converted to virtual ones to accommodate
social distancing or even lockdown.

County Broadband CEO Lloyd Felton comments, Our support of EA Festival is based on our desire to
assist one of the sectors most hard-hit by the pandemic, live events and festivals. The fact that EA
Festival seeks to foster greater connectivity within the creative sector and between creative professionals
and the public made our partnership even more fitting. It is one of the reasons I established County
Broadband in the first place – to enable local and regional businesses in East Anglia to flourish.

Joanne Ooi, Founder and Creative Director of EA Festival, adds, County Broadband and EA Festival
have near perfect mission and value alignment – to create a flourishing and robust ecosystem for
local and regional businesses in East Anglia, in our case, in the art and culture sector. We hope that
County Broadband’s supply of Superfast broadband connectivity will be an object lesson in how a
regional brand can not only enhance the enjoyment of festivalgoers at the real-life event but allow it
to transcend the boundaries of its immediate catchment to broadcast to a much bigger audience.