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Ex-GB sprinter and firefighter coaches women on healthy relationships

20 Jul Ex-GB sprinter and firefighter coaches women on healthy relationships

A former Great Britain sprinter and trained firefighter is now helping women with their intimate relationships.

John Kenny, also known as The Relationship Guy, is a qualified coach based in Hertford who operates globally via the internet.

About to launch his own podcast, John wants to grow his reach and help more people find successful relationships.

He ran the 200 metres for his nation in Europe as a teenager and in his early 20s before training as a firefighter after finishing university.

John, 50, then worked as a therapist in the NHS and established his own business as a relationship coach.

He has recently chosen to specialise in professional female clients over 40 who, for whatever reason, struggle to find and/or maintain healthy intimate relationships.

Due for release on the 23rd of July, John is hosting a podcast in which he and guest speakers will tackle issues surrounding relationships.

The Relationship Guy podcast “will be discussing all things relationships and what we can do when relationships aren’t going as they should”.

People can listen to the podcast via iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audible and all major podcast-hosting platforms.

On the thinking behind his Relationship Ready in 90 Days coaching programme, John said: “I was helping people in managing emotionally-abusive relationships but now I really focus on coaching them to form positive relationships going forward.

“I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships so I know all the red flags.

“I was entering toxic relationships with people because I subconsciously knew they wouldn’t last long. I’ve seen the same thing in some of my clients.

“A common feature is a reluctance to entertain relationships even when they meet nice people.

“A lot of my clients have experienced relationships where the other party has narcissistic traits, is abusive or controlling.

“There is a clear connection between childhood relationship issues and unhealthy adult relationships.

“Many clients are either divorced or out of very long-term relationships. Some have already started dating. Others are in and out of relationships all of the time.

“I found after the first lockdown a lot of people were coming to me because they wanted to understand why they were on their own and hadn’t been able to find a successful relationship.

“In the one-to-one sessions, I work with clients on various things that determine why they attract and are attracted to certain types of relationships and the space they are in in their lives right now.

“It means that people understand themselves and have the confidence to manage any relationship situation that comes their way.”