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EssexTV’s quick guide to a hung parliament 

09 Jun EssexTV’s quick guide to a hung parliament 

by Matthew Martino

This morning we woke up to the news that the results of the general election have led us to the position of having a hung parliament.

The night of drama and nail biting action saw Labour’s vote share surge by 10 points.

So below is our quick guide to a hung parliament and what exactly it means.

What is it ?

So as no party managed to get the 326 seats needed to win an outright majority in the general election and form a government this now leads to a hung parliament.

What are the options?

Minority government: In a nutshell a single party forms a government on their own.

Formal inter-party agreement: This is when two parties agree to support a few policies together in order to get them through the house.

Formal coalition: Here two parties come together to form a government and agree a policy platform that they can both support.

The last option is that if these parties fail to come an agreement another general election will have to be called and this could happen as soon August 2017.

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