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Essex woman needs to raise £40k for life-saving back operation

28 Oct Essex woman needs to raise £40k for life-saving back operation

The URGENT #SurvivalSurgery4Sarah fundraising appeal which was set up to raise £130,000 in just six weeks for 40 year-old Essex woman Sarah Gearing has now raised a combined total (online and offline) of £90,000.

However, family and friends are now rallying for one last push to ask the community to help raise the remaining funds to allow Sarah to have the life-saving spinal surgery abroad that she so desperately needs.

Sarah suffers from a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which makes her collagen faulty and causes the connective tissues in her body to collapse. Complications of her condition mean that her brain is slipping out of her skull which is compressing her brain stem and her spinal cord.

Without specialist surgery only available to her as a private patient in either the USA or Spain she has been told she may not survive to Christmas. Her surgery has been scheduled in Barcelona for 9 November.

To support the appeal, please visit: