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Essex Woman Launches Zero Waste Period Pad To Tackle Landfill Waste

19 Feb Essex Woman Launches Zero Waste Period Pad To Tackle Landfill Waste

udding entrepreneur, Lauren Derrett from Braintree has launched a brand new reusable sanitary pad brand called Wear ‘Em Out. The brand provides a comfortable, yet classy, UK-manufactured period solution for the eco-curious woman.


After learning that a single disposable sanitary towel or tampon takes up to 800 years to degrade, Wear ‘Em Out founder, Lauren, 44, realised that when it came to periods, something needed to change.

Deciding to switch to reusables, Lauren struggled to find pads that had the comfort and design she was looking for – the ones she tried were either uncomfortable to wear, or were branded in a way that didn’t resonate with her. She felt there was a huge range of women failing to be catered for.


She wanted to create a product here in the UK that offered a more sophisticated approach to zero waste periods, without compromising on comfort, absorption or style. She brought her teenage daughter on board to help with the design process, and Wear ‘Em Out was born.


Wear ‘Em Out period products are designed to offer a chemical-free, convenient, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to single-use period products, created to resonate with modern women of all ages.

Lauren says: “I’ve created a pretty darn cool, totally reliable and efficient reusable pad for you to use when you period. It’s for all you eco-curious, modern women out there. It’s time to pave the way, set new trends, cross new boundaries, be the influence all while contributing to our shared home, our innocent and affected planet.”

Each year, in the UK alone, 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used, which equates to a huge 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste going to landfill. Lauren wanted to change that, making periods a more environmentally friendly part of female health, while creating a product that modern women would feel comfortable using and wearing.

Produced in the UK, Wear ‘Em Out pads are made of breathable fabrics with double-binding edges, which are designed to block leaks, while still allowing moisture to evaporate. The less moisture trapped in a pad, the less bacteria, which means the less odour, and no need for chemical-laced, perfumed products.


On average, over a period of four years, Wear ‘Em Out pads cost 40% less than using single-use period products.