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Essex optometrist saves man’s sight after identifying detached retina

01 Nov Essex optometrist saves man’s sight after identifying detached retina

A MAN from Thundersley had his sight saved by staff at Leigh-on-Sea Specsavers after complaining of blurry vision one morning.

After waking up to find his vision was hazy, Sajid Inayat, 45, quickly realised he had no sight in his right eye and booked an eye test at Leigh-on-Sea Specsavers.

Sajid was seen by pre-registration optometrist Jahangir Yahyah, who, after running various tests, suspected that Sajid may have a detached retina. He told Mr Inayat that he needed to see a doctor immediately.

After seeing a doctor later that day, Jahangir’s suspicions and diagnosis were confirmed. A detached retina occurs when the thin layer at the back of the eye, the retina, becomes loose. If it isn’t treated quickly, it can permanently affect a person’s sight or even lead to blindness.

Following Jahangir’s recommendation, Sajid was booked in for surgery at Southend Hospital the very next day where his vision was saved.

Discussing his experience, Sajid said: ‘I was extremely lucky that Jahangir was able to identify the problem early on, he supported me throughout the process and encouraged me to seek further medical advice.

‘Fortunately, I was able to undergo surgery the next day, and without Jahangir identifying the issue I don’t know what I would’ve done!

‘He even took the time out to ring me the next day to check whether I’d managed to be seen by a doctor, which I was hugely appreciative of.’

Pre-optometrist Jahangir Yahyah said:

‘When Mr Inayat came into the store it was initially difficult to identify the problem. If anyone loses sight in their eye you know it needs to be taken seriously, however, when a condition such as a detached retina is at such an advanced stage it becomes harder to decipher the root of the issue.

‘Luckily my suspicions were true, and Sajid was able to see a surgeon the next day, ultimately saving his vision.

‘Early signs of a detached retina include blurry vision, floaters in the eye, sudden flashes of light or a ‘dark curtain’ which shields your vision. If anyone experiences these symptoms, it’s very important that they seek medical attention immediately.

‘I’m extremely relived that Sajid’s condition was sorted quickly, and myself and staff at the store were pleased that his vision was restored.’