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Essex National Lottery Winners Celebrate 5,000 Millionaire Milestone

27 Jun Essex National Lottery Winners Celebrate 5,000 Millionaire Milestone

A couple from Southend who won £1 million last November are raising a glass in celebration of The National Lottery’s 5,000 lottery millionaire milestone.

Tony Pearce and Deb Gellatly who are busy putting the final touches to plans for their dream wedding after a 30 year engagement still count their blessings everyday for without that win, life was looking bleak.

Talking about the 5,000 millionaire milestone, Tony said:

“It’s amazing to think there are now 5,000 lottery millionaires who have all enjoyed that same winning moment. Astonishingly, the last 1,000 lottery millionaires have been made in just 29 months, that’s more than one every day!

“Since our own win so much has changed for the better. We’ve been able to enjoy some wonderful experiences and help those closest to us in ways we could only have dreamt of before that lucky day.”

At the time of the win the pair were preparing to put their beloved bungalow on the market to avoid repossession. Deb comments:

“In February last year Tony had a cardiac arrest and our life was turned upside down and our comfortable lifestyle simply evaporated. He had to stop work and my part-time role just didn’t bring in enough and then just as we were readying ourselves for the inevitable, a massive lump of good luck hit!”

Picking up the story from Deb, his fiancé of more than 30 years and soon to be wife, Tony said:

“It really is the stuff of dreams. Of course, it’s taken some getting used to and we still have to pinch ourselves some days at our good fortune.

“Seeing Deb planning the wedding of her dreams with no expenses spared and plenty of very special touches has been so amazing. And of course there are the material items and experiences we’ve enjoyed since December – a new car, and driveway to fit the new car, stays in swanky hotels, and a seemingly endless round of home renovations – but without doubt, being able to help the family has been the absolute icing on the cake.

“Thanks to that win we’ve been able to lend a hand when it’s needed most, whether a new suit for my grandson to wear for his wedding or a few quid to treat themselves, it’s been such a joy to share it. We also bought a holiday caravan on the north Norfolk coast so that friends and family have always got a place to holiday. It helps that’s also our favourite corner of the world!”

Analysis of the 5,000 reveals that National Lottery luck is booming for those, like Tony and Deb, with a Southend (SS) postcode. In all, 369 players have banked a big prize of £50,000 or more and this includes a very lucky 50 millionaires.