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Essex man who loops better than Ed Sheeran

29 Jun Essex man who loops better than Ed Sheeran

by Tasha Turner

As the confusion over Ed Sheeran’s looping goes on following his Glastonbury performance on Sunday… allow us to introduce you to the king of the looping station – Mr Paolo Morena!

His live looping approach is something to behold and hovers somewhere between gigging and performance art and it enables Paolo to turn his one man show into a symphony of sounds. Paolo’s 2016 singles All Wires Lead to the Flesh and Dance David Dance received widespread support from all around the UK.

He unveils his stunning new single Treasure in the Trash and headline the Fling Festival in Chelmsford this Sat.
You can see Paolo looping his sound live at :

Paolo Morena was born to be a musician – it’s in his blood. His Grandfather and Father were both accomplished musicians who played in bands in Southern Italy where the family originates from. Paolo’s Uncle Tino was even World Champion Accordionist in 1969.