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Essex Lottery Winners Mow Their Support for the NHS

29 Apr Essex Lottery Winners Mow Their Support for the NHS

Essex National Lottery winners Sue Richards and Barry Maddox, who two years mowed a giant champagne bottle in their lawn, have once again used their garden as a canvas, this time mowing a giant rainbow into the grass to show their unwavering support for the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The NHS rainbow is especially poignant for the couple after Barry’s dad, Frankie, passed away 5 weeks ago having sadly tested positive for the virus. Barry said, “At 86 dad was still a larger than life character, full of life and humour. Losing him has left a huge hole in our lives but we know that he’d want us to keep enjoying life and to always be grateful for what we’ve got.

“This bit of lawn mowing is our way of saying thank you to the NHS for all they have done for our family, and for so many other families. And in some ways I also hope it’s something for dad to look down at us and have a chuckle.”

Sue, who is herself a keyworker continuing her work as a specialist carer for a vulnerable young woman, was delighted when Barry suggested the latest design, she said, “Barry has always been indebted to the NHS – they saved his life when he had cancer, gave his dad a successful triple heart bypass and then three years ago were there when his youngest son was involved in a horrific motorbike accident – so alongside clapping and banging pans on a Thursday evening, staying home, staying safe and washing our hands, this is our thank you.”