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Essex Lottery Millionaire’s Catch Up With a Cuppa

30 Nov Essex Lottery Millionaire’s Catch Up With a Cuppa

When Susan Richards (51) from Billericay popped into her local supermarket on the way home from a night shift last year, the care-worker had no idea that split-second decision would make her a multimillionaire.

Almost two years, and lots of fun later, Susan and her partner of 12 years, Barry Maddox, took time out aboard their latest acquisition, a spanking new motorhome, to look back at that lucky day. With cup of tea in hand.

Susan said:
“I can still remember exactly how I felt that morning just before I discovered the win, exhausted! Both Barry and I were working really hard, week in week out, to make ends meet and I’d just finished a long night shift.”

“I didn’t usually buy £10 National Lottery scratchcards but when I dug my hand into my pocket I had exactly £10 in change so decided it was a sign. I revealed the £3million win while sitting in my car and had to go inside and ask the manager to confirm I was right!”

From that moment on Susan and Barry have been able to take things a little easier and treat themselves, and so many of their friends and family, along the way.

Susan said:

“The day after the win was verified we went into a local garage and bought four brand new Audi’s, my beloved TT convertible, a Q7 for Barry and then a couple of cars for my sons. It was an amazing feeling and just the start of so many great moments that have followed.”

“I’ve been able to help my sons onto the property ladder and bought a place for mum right on the seafront in Southend so she can enjoy sea views from the comfort of her lounge. That win also meant Barry and I were able to buy our own dream home with plenty of room for hosting family and friends whenever we like.”

For Susan and Barry the win isn’t just about the big purchases like homes and cars. The pair have also been able to travel, taking numerous European trips plus visiting Barry’s sister in Australia and more recently taking Susan’s mum on a Norwegian cruise in search of the Northern Lights.