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Essex housing association holds ‘key amnesty’ to combat tenancy fraud

17 Sep Essex housing association holds ‘key amnesty’ to combat tenancy fraud

Essex based housing association CHP will be holding a key amnesty throughout October to combat tenancy fraud and free up much needed affordable homes.

Tenancy fraud is a serious offence that denies deserving people of a home to call their own. Examples of tenancy fraud include sub-letting, abandonment, falsely claiming a property as your main and principle home and living in a property without the right to do so. Being found guilty can lead to a large fine, imprisonment and a criminal record.

During October anyone committing tenancy fraud with a CHP property will be able to return their keys with no questions asked and no further investigation.

Jonathan Routledge, Housing Management Team Leader said: “The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how important it is to have a safe and secure home. We want to make as many properties as possible available for those who truly need them.

“That’s why we’re giving anyone committing tenancy fraud this rare opportunity to hand in their keys without us taking any action against them. I would urge anyone who’s renting their CHP property illegally to do the right thing during our key amnesty this October.”

Anyone who wants to return their keys in October can do so by phoning 0300 555 0500 and giving two weeks’ notice to end their tenancy.

Last year CHP carried out over 100 investigations into tenancy fraud and returned 17 homes to families that needed them.

Anyone who thinks they are a victim of tenancy fraud, or suspects someone of committing it, can report it to CHP in confidence. They can do us by phoning 0300 555 0500 or using the form on the CHP website.