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Essex German Shepherd Scoops UK’s Best Pet Accolade

03 Mar Essex German Shepherd Scoops UK’s Best Pet Accolade

Over the past month, Protectivity has been asking pet owners across the UK to write a ‘love letter’ to their pets, letting them know how they’ve been a source of comfort and company during a turbulent 12 months.

123 entries, from budgies and guinea pigs, to cats and dogs, were submitted by loving owners from all around the UK, for the chance to win Canvas Creatures and Pet Planet vouchers, along with a further £100 donated to the animal charity of the winner’s choice.

Now, after sifting through some incredible entries, the decision to crown The UK’s Best Pet has been made.

UK’s Best Pet Winners – Carol Phile and her German Shepherd Bertie, from WItham, Essex

Carol penned a touching letter to her German Shepherd Bertie, telling him how much she appreciates his love and devotion, especially during the past year when Carol became disabled.

In her love letter, Carol wrote to Bertie:
“Over the last year I have become disabled and I can’t walk or play with you like I used to. I was afraid that our bond would be affected when I couldn’t do as much, but we are closer than ever. You keep me going with your love and clowning, you get me off the floor when I fall or fetch my phone so I can call for help and you never let me down. I love you Bertie xxx”

After being told Bertie had been crowned the UK’s Best Pet, Carol said, “We have had Bertie since he was a puppy, he lives to learn, so he enjoys finding new ways to help me, some taught and some that he’s thought of himself. For example, when I struggle to get up he will put his head under my head and shoulders and push me up to a sitting position.” Carol has also chosen German Shepherd Dog Rescue to be the recipient of the £100 charity donation.

But who were Carol and Bertie up against in the running for the title of the UK’s Best Pet?

There were dozens of incredible entries into the competition, which made the decision for the judges so difficult. A close runner-up was Suzanne from Southampton’s cat. G-Man, who plays fetch and keeps her son, Dom, company when he’s missing his friends during lockdown. Suzanne says, “with your fondness for plumbing fittings and your endless games of ‘Fetch’ (you do know you’re not a dog, right?) you never fail to put a smile on the faces of all of my kids.”

Another emotional entry was from Bethia in Hastings, who called her cat Strawberry a ‘clockwork cat’, due to him knowing exactly when it’s dinner time. Bethia describes Strawberry as the “funniest, silliest, chirpiest and sweetest cat I have ever met.”