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Essex councillors weigh in ahead of Brexit Day

28 Mar Essex councillors weigh in ahead of Brexit Day

After months of political changes and events, Brexit Day is finally upon us tomorrow. Brexit which is essentially UK’s withdrawal from the European Union got underway after a referendum vote to leave las year, the UK government announced it would start the formal procedure for withdrawing on 29 March 2017. 

The highly anticipated or in some cases much-dreaded “Brexit day” has been the subject of endless agonizing and political manoeuvring since last week. Brexit negotiations will come in two phases: the first, which begins tomorrow, is a battle over what the divorce settlement between the U.K. and EU will look like.

Braintree conservative Councillor Stephen Canning told us “A Conservative Prime Minister promised the country a referendum, and now a Conservative Prime Minister will deliver Brexit. I’m proud to be part of a Party which listens to the British public and delivers what they ask. I’m confident that Essex will come out of Brexit stronger and more successful than ever before.”

Whilst the Leader of the Labour Group on Harlow Council Jon Clempner told us “”The British people voted to leave the EU, and in Harlow and across Essex, overwhelmingly so – it is right we get on with the process, and negotiate the best possible deal for the British people. I am deeply concerned that Theresa May will not secure that deal, and in the aftermath workers rights and environmental protections will be sacrificed to appeasing some of the more reactionary members of her party. If ‘taking back control’ means anything, Parliament must have a meaningful say on the final deal, and send her back to the negotiating table if it is not good enough. ”

The earliest the U.K. could formally leave the EU would be March 2019.