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Essex charity invites young people to design new knife crime posters

29 Apr Essex charity invites young people to design new knife crime posters

New charity UTurn4Support are calling on young people aged 8 – 18 to design an anti-knife crime poster; and they could win a £50 voucher for their efforts.

The Essex based charity, which was established in October 2019, are running a competition where young people are being asked to create poster artwork which will resonate with their peers. The poster aims to discourage young people away from carrying knives and encourage the use of knife amnesty bins by raising awareness of the dangers of knife crime.

The idea for the competition comes in the wake of a rise in knife-related incidents involving young people in Essex. A spokesperson from UTurn said: “violent crimes and knife-related incidents all rose in Essex last year – with the county’s crime rate the highest in the east of England. Unfortunately, young people are statistically more likely to carry a knife and be injured.”

Not only will 4 young people get a £50 voucher of their choice, but the winning designs will be displayed on all 15 of the charity’s amnesty bins which are dotted across Essex. Entrants have until 30th July 2020 to submit their designs by emailing or via the charity’s social media channels.

In addition to the current competition, UTurn offers free and confidential information, support and practical help for individuals experiencing personal and socially challenging life situations associated with violent crime. It works closely with Essex Police, Essex County Council and Tendring District Council to deliver workshops in school to encourage, educate and support young people across the county.

UTurn is about empowering and supporting young people to improve their life opportunities for a positive future by diverting them away from youth violence. We would really like their help in designing our new posters. If you are a young person aged 8 – 18 then we would ask you to stand up, be proud, be useful and be you!”