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Essex-born travel writer and author launches debut novel, Girl Gone Greek

01 Apr Essex-born travel writer and author launches debut novel, Girl Gone Greek

An Essex-born travel writer and author has launched her debut novel, Girl Gone Greek!

Local author Rebecca Hall was born in South Benfleet and went to school in Leigh-on-Sea.

The novel dubbed “Girl Gone Greek” is also a film script, winning Best Feature Fiction Script at the 2018 London Greek Film Festival, and Rebecca looks forward to seeing it on the big screen one day.

Rachel is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sister’s derision, society’s silent wagging finger and her father’s advancing years. She’s travelled the world, but now finds herself at a crossroads at an age where most people would stop globetrotting and settle. She’s never been one to conform to the nine-to-five lifestyle, so why should she start now? Was it wrong to love the freedom and independence a single life provided, to put off the search for Mr Right and the children? Perhaps she could find the time for one last adventure…

With sunshine in mind, Rachel takes a TEFL course and heads to Greece after securing a job teaching English in a remote village. She wasn’t looking for love, but she found it in the lifestyle and history of the country, its culture and the enduring volatility of its people. Girl Gone Greek is a travel memoir/ fiction novel. When Rachel moved to Greece to escape a life of social conformity, she found a country of unconventional characters and economic turmoil. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with the chaos that reigned about her.

Girl Gone Greek has received global acclaim for the charming story interwoven with the reality of a changing world, none less so in Europe. Through her writing, Rebecca lays bare the many misconceptions associated with Greece.

Girl Gone Greek is a poignant, relatable and realistic portrayal of life in a new culture that will make you want to take the plunge, learn a new skill, start a new life and fall head over heels in love with Greece and Europe.