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Essex born company Pure wins Vodka Master Medal

03 Sep Essex born company Pure wins Vodka Master Medal

Pure have this week announced that they have won a silver medal in the 2020 Vodka Masters category at The Spirit Business Awards.

From 83 entries, PURE were awarded a silver medal, less than 2 months after their 1st birthday. This is a huge achievement for such a young company and you can be sure that it is just the start.

At an incredibly difficult time for small businesses, Pure have put in the ground work to ensure that they come out of this pandemic stronger than ever. They have taken the time to learn about their customers and tap into exactly what their consumers want.

PURE Vodka quite literally ‘launched’ itself onto the UK spirits market in July 2019 with an exclusive boat party on London’s Thames and proceeded to make a splash with PURE events around the country including sponsorship of Soultown Festival in September 2019. PURE quickly secured listings in leading bars and exclusive venues such as the W Hotel, Cafe de Paris and the Maxwells Group, and Champneys Spa.

Online PURE vodka is sold through dedicated alcohol retailers such as: Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and Sybarite Cellars and distributed via Speciality, PH Wines, Champers Wholesale and Enotria & Coe.

PURE is a homegrown British success story. An idea born from a night out at the local pub – and put into action by a single-minded entrepreneur who wanted to find a cleaner, healthier drink to share with his mates.

“The goal was always clear: for PURE to be the good guy in the drinks industry” said Founder, Adam Player.