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Essex born actor Tony Fadil tells all about upcoming TV project Paratroopers

13 Aug Essex born actor Tony Fadil tells all about upcoming TV project Paratroopers

by Melanie Jones | E-Editions

Essex born actor Tony Fadil has been making quite a name for himself as both an actor and an all-round fixer in British Independent Film Production. Coming to the profession relatively late in 2012, he’s already racked up 45 credits in film and television.

His latest project in which he also serves as one of the Producers is sure to get the patriot heart strings of many a Brit stirring as it tells the true story of various different real life soldiers who served with or were connected to the airborne forces during World War 2.

Paratrooper is a pilot for a television series and from what we can see its going to be something special. He’s already worked with the likes of famous international dancer and choreographer Michael Flatley and his latest endeavour he will star alongside such British regulars Jason Flemyng and Wil Johnson.

Tony tells us a bit more about how this exciting project came about, he share “I’ve been constantly grafting since I started this profession about six years ago and on the independent film scene if you keep putting yourself out there I find sometimes you’ll get it back and people will find you. Back in 2014 through another film I had been working on I heard about a premiere for a film called The Journey that was set in Greece and sounded a little bit different (It was about three men dealing with loss) so I made a point of going with a friend and met the film maker, Lance Nielsen (Creator of Paratrooper) after the screening. Back then Lance already had an idea for a World War 2 historical drama film he wanted to do but ultimately we re-connected on this project, Paratrooper. Lance is quite an emotive and passionate film maker, who I noticed not only cares deeply about the subjects he tackles but also about the people he works with and those he comes into contact with as a result of his research. He liked my can do attitude and when he heard I been fixing and getting things for various other film projects he asked me if I would like to help him produce this one from the very beginning and I jumped at the chance. He did warn me up front at this stage all he could promise me was a lot of hard work and a coffee and a sandwich.”

Paratroopers as it turned out was more than just a British version of Band of Brothers. It told a number of very unique stories about not only British but Canadian and even German Paratroopers in one episode as well as a variety of other unique perspectives, each told from someone who was really there.


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