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Essex based start-up finds 73% of women lack in confidence in the workplace

06 Mar Essex based start-up finds 73% of women lack in confidence in the workplace

New research has found that almost three-quarters of women say they lack confidence at work on a regular basis, and this lack of confidence is across the board, regardless of industry sector or size of business.

The survey of 300 employed women, analysed by Dr Geraldine Perriam from the University of Glasgow, also showed that of those women who have taken a career break, 62% felt less confident on their return to work.

The two areas that made the most women nervous at work were ‘asking for a pay rise or putting prices up’ (43%) and ‘standing in front of an audience to make a presentation or speech’ (40%).  ‘Networking’ (34%), ‘being intimidated by my boss or other colleagues’ (27%), ‘competing with work colleagues’ (20%) and ‘chairing a meeting’ (19%) were also areas where the women surveyed lack confidence. One way to overcome this lack of confidence is by signing up for a personal development training course in the area in which you don’t feel confident. Development Academy is a training provider with centres in London and Guildford that offer many courses including public speaking and assertiveness training.

The research was conducted to mark the launch of My Confidence Matters, a new service which is committed to helping women become more confident in the workplace and helping them to overcome some of the barriers they face at work. My Confidence Matters was launched on Wednesday 28th February 2018 and is the brainchild of business women Joy Burnford and Sophie Edmond.

The research also showed that 57% of women would find being part of a community of like-minded women would help to boost their confidence. As part of the launch, My Confidence Matters is inviting business women to join an online community to bring women in business together.  Regardless of business sector, job type or location, women can come together to discuss the areas where they lack confidence and overcome some of the issues that could be preventing them progressing in the workplace.  Visit to join the community.