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Essex based Psychic Chris Riley is set to conquer his fears for Charity Skydive

24 Feb Essex based Psychic Chris Riley is set to conquer his fears for Charity Skydive

Chris Riley, the UK’s ‘Best Loved Psychic’, is taking a leap of faith as he takes part in a tandem skydive on Tuesday 2 June 2020. Taking place at UK Skydiving in Wimblington, Chris will face his fears and jump from 10,000 ft in aid of the charity Marie Curie.

As someone who is afraid of heights, Chris will overcome this fear when he participates in his first ever skydive in June, all in aid of charity. This is no easy task as Chris will descend to the earth at roughly 125 miles per hour – an adrenaline pumping speed. Chris first discovered his psychic abilities when he was a teenager and has since gained a loyal following across his social media pages, accumulating 455,262 likes on Facebook and over 348,000 followers on Instagram. After experiencing trolling, Chris has been passionate about making social media a safe and positive place and uses his platform to support deserving charities.

In November 2019, Chris raised £700 with the help of his followers in aid of the Royal British Legion, honouring the services and sacrifices of our Armed Forces. This year, Chris is determined to raise £5,000 for Marie Curie, an inspiring charity that works with people who suffer from terminal illnesses in the UK. Supporting these individuals and their families, the Marie Curie nurses do incredible work every day.

Chris works closely with his followers to support charities who are loved by his entire online community. Asking for their recommendations he chooses organisations, like Marie Curie, which resonate with his followers. Chris also continues to help people with his psychic abilities. He is known for his incredible accuracy as he connects his clients with their loved ones.

Chris has already raised £815 for Marie Curie on his Gofundme page and will continue to raise awareness about the charity, and his skydive, up until the big day in June.

Discussing his upcoming jump, Chris says: “It won’t be easy but in June I will face my fears and skydive from 10,000 ft. Although I’m extremely nervous about this, the people that Marie Curie help are going through something even more terrifying and it’s fantastic that Marie Curie helps those in need. I’m looking forward to the skydive and I’m thankful for all the donations so far. Marie Curie’s work is vital and I want to use my platform to help raise the much deserved funds for their cause.”

Chris is looking forward to another year of success, using his connections to help improve the lives of those who need this support the most.

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