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Essex-based drug and alcohol support charity Open Road to release charity single ‘Keep Moving’

17 Sep Essex-based drug and alcohol support charity Open Road to release charity single ‘Keep Moving’

Essex based charity, Open Road will be releasing the charity single ‘Keep Moving’ featuring vocals and lyrics from Open Road employee, Lorraine Gray. The single is an emotive and thought-provoking tune that conveys the message of not giving up. It is available to download and purchase from 27 September.

Working with producer Lee Mitchell, of Ground State, the single was first recorded back in January 2019. As a Recovery Worker for Open Road, Lorraine meets and offers support to Open Road’s clients, who are on a journey of recovery. After taking inspiration from her work, Lorraine penned the lyrics for the track, as a way of trying to make sense of what her clients are going through.

After hours of work, Lee recorded Lorraine’s vocals and produced the single from his home studio. It then blossomed into a track that focuses on the struggles of drug and alcohol addiction with the overarching messages of positivity and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Open Road specialises in the rehabilitation of people battling alcohol and drug addictions. Open Road also offers health and wellbeing support services that are available throughout Essex, Medway, at UK events & festivals as well as in the workplace. The single’s release is part of a fundraising initiative for the charity.

You can purchase, download and stream the single from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google play, YouTube Music, and a whole host of other online music platforms on 27 September.

Lorraine Gray, Vocalist and Lyricist of the charity single and Open Road Recovery Worker comments: “I thoroughly enjoyed making the single with Lee for Open Road. As part of my job, I speak to numerous people who are going through the recovery process. Everyone who works at Open Road genuinely empathises with our clients and it was very important for myself and Lee to create a track that shows their struggles and conveys a message of hope and positivity. Open Road is a wonderful charity comprised of hard working members of staff, it is brilliant that we can hopefully raise some money for the charity by putting out this single.”