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Essex Author Garry Johnson Conquers Hollywood

05 May Essex Author Garry Johnson Conquers Hollywood

by Dean Summers

It’s a journey from Bas Vegas to Las Vegas for Basildon author  Garry Johnson who’s book has been optioned for a Hollywood film.

The 51year who has survived FIVE heart attacks is now set to make the big time after his book is turned into a flick for the silver screen.

Talking about cracking Hollywood, Johnson told us “it is hard to take in but at the same time very exciting”

The book an exhilarating thriller features the old school ‘eye for a eye’ justice, it’s a very relevant and gripping book and plays on the famed position serial killers have always taken in current affairs.

Opening up about the book Johnson added “Its hard for authors to come up with a new angle – which is why I made my serial killer a female – as in real life only 2 per cent are female.”

It’s going to be an exciting time for the Basildon author, one thing for sure he has set himself as one to watch on the UK indie author scene.